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Ackenheil Battle Academy

14 September 1668


Kevin Wilson responds to the why's and wherefore's of the utility of "parry".
Gareth-Michael Skarka's suggestion of using one interrupt for a defense


Gordon Landis posts some thoughts on armor.
     • Kevin Davenport does so as well.
     • Valamir posted some thoughts and Ben sent these           thoughts.
Check out my Finn's Companion #5 for a look I took at armor.
Graelorn has his own thoughts on armor.


Scott Gearin takes a stab at Cross Training
Mark Fender's look at Technique Cost for all swordsman schools.
     • Here's a clarification if you don't fully understand how the costs work
Dominic Dugas introduces a Sabre School
      • Mad Mario has some suggestions on said school
      • Geoff Wedig has some more comments.
      • In conclusion, Dominic Dugas wraps it up.
Here's a nifty look by Geoff Wedig at ideas for positioning in combat.
Nancy Schultz posted the Drachentanze swordsman school.
     • Mark Kilfoil has some comments on it.
     • Nancy Schultz responds back.
     Nancy Schultz's 2d edition of the school.
Kevin Wilson makes a change to the Aldana School.
Kevin Wilson has some words on the Eisenfaust School.
Robin Lim posts the Lowe and McGee Schools
Jason posted his Drachen (Dragoon) school of cavalry swordsmandship. Then after some comments from other, posted this follow up.


How long is a round of combat?
Kevin Wilson posts some thoughts on combat, including parry's, phases, et al.



John Wick has this clarification on which skill to use for grappling.
Kevin Wilson suggests a raise or two when grappling someone with a knife or sword.


Valamir has these fine feats of Derring-Do.
Valamir also has this look at using the Offhand


Stephen Beeman's thoughts on reload times of firearms
Pat Gamblin looks at firearm malfunctions.
     • Lef Forvrin adds some thoughts to that subject.
Pat Gamblin suggests a close range with firearms, and suggests a drama die for malfunctions.
James Forest posts a suggestion on pistol whipping and balance.
     • Michael Lunn posts some thoughts on it
     • and here are some thoughts from me.
     • Mark Fender posts some thoughts on the subject.
Geoff Wedig posts a suggestion on the accuracy of guns and cinematic combat.


Finn Archer's (no relation to Finn's companion) Archery School by Brian
Lef Forvrin's take on a Montaigne school of Unarmed combat.


Agathorn has this posting on healing of wounds.
Kevin Wilson posts a new suggestion on being "crippled."
     Pat Gamblin posts a house rule for "cripplied."


Robin Lim posts this list of weapons and their descriptions.
John Bacon posts some thoughts on the subject of bows.
     Sean Holland also posts some thoughts on the subject of bows.
Nestor42 posts some weapons weights.
     Peter Baldwin posts some more weapons weights.


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