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27 September 1668

Welcome to the Home of Finn's companion. Finn's Companion is my continuing contributions to the Seventh Sea. You can find the previous Finn's Companions archived here, as well as updates to old companions.


Number 7: Sorcerous Advantages

Number 10: Glamour Mage Knack: The Man of the Sea

new3.gif (111 bytes)Number 11: Order of St. Daniel and The Lore of the Order







Number 5: Superior Equipment

Number 6: Artifacts of the Vestenmannavnjar


Number 3: Ship Names and Bar Names
The Library has an updated .pdf file, with more possible names.

Number 4: Places to Fight: Hedge Maze and Dungeon Cell

Number 8: Places to Fight: Docks and the Dining Hall

Number 9: Bar Quality and Trait generator


Number 1: Last Names for the nations of Theah.


Number 2: Index for the GM's book and PC book
The Library has a .pdf version that include the GM screen and Pirate Nations as well.

Number 2a: Index for just the Player's book.





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