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In Association with, here are presented much suggested media for the Seventh Sea and links to purchase such if you wish.



Adept, Turner-Harris & Kurtz
Stephen Brust
  • The Phoenix Guards *recommended*
  • 500 Years After *recommended*
  • While his "Jhereg" series is good, I don't really recommend them for Seventh Sea;the feel isn't quite the same.

Cavaliers and Roundheads, Christopher Hibbert
Counties of Britain: A Tudor Atlas, John Speed *recommended*
Demon Sword, Ken Hood
Alexandre Dumas *recommended*

Umberto Eco

Elizabethan Underworld, Gamini Salgado
Goblin Engine, Teresa Edgerton
Goblin Moon, Teresa Edgerton
Joseph Andrews, Henry Fielding
Journal of the Plague Year,Daniel Dafoe
J. Gregory Keyes

The Moon and the Sun, Vonda McIntyre
Once A Hero, Michael Stackpole
Oxford Illustrated History of Tudor and Stuart Britain, John Morrill ed.
Pyrates, George McDonald Fraser
Princess Bridge, William Goldman
Solomon Kane series, Robert E. Howard
Smuggler's Britain, Richard Platt
Steel Bonnets, George MacDonald Fraser
Strange Devices of  the Sun and Moon, Lisa Goldstein
Swordspoint, Ellen Kushner
Under the Black Flag, David Cordingly   *recommended*


Cutthroat Island
The Sea Hawk

Comic Books

Buck Godot (yeah, it's scifi, but it is swashbuckling)







13th Warrior
1492: Conquest of Paradise
Adventure of Don Juan
Baron Munchausen
Barry Lyndon
The Black Swan
The Buccaneer
Cutthroat Island
Cyrano de Bergerac
Dangerous Beauty
Dangerous Liaisons
The Duelist
any movie with Errol Flynn

Ever After
Fifth Musketeer
Four Musketeers, 1975, Oliver Reed and Racquel Welch
The Goonies, 1985, Sean Astin
Indiana Jones Movies, Harrison Ford


Man in the Iron Mask

Mask of Zorro
Much Ado about Nothing
Queen Margot
Pirates, 1986, Roman Polanski's
Pirates of Penzance
The Princess and the Pirate
Princess Bride *recommended*
Prisoner of Zenda
Return of the Musketeers,

Rob Roy, 1995, Liam Neeson
Robin Hood films

Romeo and Juliet
Scarlet Pimpernel

Shakespeare in Love
The Spanish Main
Three Musketeers

Treasure Island


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