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Your source for news and rumours for Theah and the Seventh Sea.

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     Redi, Corantine the 6th, 1668
Link of the Day
The Sev Wide Web is an Australia, dedicated to better enjoying the Internet. It has parody's of popular cartoons, and Sev Trek, where the Simpsons meet Star Trek, and the readers enter their ideas for punchlines, and the best get put up on the site.

Finn's Companion
Finn's Companion #5 has been sent to the mailing lists for seventh sea. It is also in the Finn's Companion section.

Site Updates

  • The GM's page has some Syrenth artifacts.Check out the GM area for more info. Email me, or leave feedback if you are a GM and don't have the address already.
  • The Fallen Hawk has some epithets added.
  • The Ackenheil Battle Academy now has Finn Archer's (no relation) Archery School
  • Rearranged links in The Estates and added a few links
     Guerdi, Corantine the 5th, 1668
Well, this page moved again. Sorry for any trouble., should still get you to this main page. The whole concept of the town and this being the Spirited Steel Armory Bar and Tavern never quite worked out.This is just now the main page, and the town image is now the site map.

Alderac Magazine
Killbeggar reports that Shadis is dead, and that the new AEG magazine, Initiative (was Ronin) should be coming on in October.

Castillian Music
Eric Sylwester had some excellent thoughts on sources for Castillian ( Spanish ) Music.

Tobe Tennyson sent in two links for sites on Celestial and early navigation.

Link of the Day
The Magic Cave: Think you can figure out how it is done?

Poll Page
What's your opinion? Check out the Poll page and let people know.

Sean Matheis sent in this link for the North American Rosicrucian Group

ButtonVictory is Yours!
My Brilliant Victory button is complete. If you want to use it,feel free. I have to feel a little proud about it, as it is the first animated gif I have ever made.

Kevin has some interesing ideas on beginning an adventure. Check out the GM area for more info. Email me, or leave feedback if you are a GM and don't have the address already.

Site Updates

  • Ackenheil Battle Academy has  Dominic Dugas' final thoughts on his Sabre school, and Valamir's look at using the offhand added.
  • The Avalonian Bard Academy has added the Thean countries as if if they were the Seven Dwarves.
  • The docks now has the rough calculations for crew of a ship.
  • The Fallen Hawk now has the Etiquette list from Angus MacDonald
     Terdi, Corantine the 4th, 1668
Link of the Day
Europe had its Black Plague, Theah, had its White Plague, you thing plagues are a thing of the past? Check out this BBC News article.

The feedback page is set up now if you want to send comments or ideas.

Avalonian Ball:
Sean Holland will be holding a Ball in his campaign and is asking for ideas and contributions.

Mailing List
There is now a mailing list for the Rosicrucians. Check the Office of the Post for more mailing list and IRC information.

Site Updates

     Amordi, Corantine the 3rd, 1668
Mad Mario has this rumour from Origins about character history with the Tarot...

The "Three Musketeers", is apparently available on some website, broken up into chapters. At Project Gutenberg you can get the whole thing in one simple text file from that site.

Site of the Day: The One Ring provides news and updates on the forthcoming "Lord of the Rings" Movie,

The Docks now has the Advanced Ship construction rules from AEG

Kevin has updated his "One of Seven" Website

Stephen Beeman has some thoughts on reload times of firearms

Mad Mario has a brief primer on Vodacce (italian).

New Seventh Sea site: The Halls of the Invisible College

Mark Fender posted this take on Swordsman schools learning any of the techniques - for a price.

Lef Forvrin posted this really neat look at Thean Vampyrs. It is on the GM's page.

      Veldi, Corantine the 2nd, 1668
Added four new section to the Brilliant Victory:
  • The Docks, ship information will go here. When I get some ships done up (be nice to go to Gen Con and get Pirate Nations...)
  • Fallen Hawk Inn and Tavern. Character and NPC information will be going here, when I get some content.
  • Avalonian Bard Academy. Humour and Tales will end up going here. There are two bits of humour from the Far East there already.
  • The Marketplace. This is a list of books, movies, et al. that are suggested reading, watching, et al. for the Seventh Sea.

There is a French mailing list for the Seventh Sea.

Micah Swafford has started an unofficial page for the Die Kreuzritter

Link of the Day: Have you ever loved the trailer for a movie, but hated the movie? What if there was no movie...

My moving went better than normal. Hopefully all my redirects and links and emails are still set up correctly. If you see anything that has gone wrong, I would appreciate an email, thanks.

Saturday has been declared as AEG's official costume day. So if you're going to Gen Con, dress up in your favorite swashbuckling wear!

Todd Luikart has this extra look at brutes for making them a bit tougher and more interesting. It's on the newly created "secret GM page", email me if you want to know the address and don't have it from the GM list

Cross training in different swordsman schools has been talked about recently, here's Scott Gearin's excellent look at the subject.

Kevin Wilson is headed on a two week road trip to Gen Con, so he will probably be unavailable to the mailing list, at least, for the next two weeks.

Angus MacDonald has this post on manners and etiquette

Kevin Sanborn has this rough formula for figuring out the crew required for a ship

Ide Karuto comes up with the top ten Nightmares of AEG at GenCon

My site will be eventually be moving all the way to Right now that just redirects back to this page, but if any links are dead in the coming week, I apologize, but it shouldn't be too bad. Thanks.

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