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Updated 30 September 1668

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Visit these other Fine Seventh Sea Websites.


Society Pages

The Official Explorer's Society Page
xoom site. As the official site it has new stuff and information for the Explorer's Society
Uncharted Waters: Unofficial Explorer's Page
xoom site. campaign information. last updated 29 julius 1668

Official Temple of the Rose and Cross Page
UK site. Not much right now, should get more as it is  an offiicial site.

Die Kreuzritter, Unofficial Site
xoom site. news page. homebrew stuff

Halls of the Invisible College, Unofficial Site
some news. images No Quarter stuff. homebrew stuff

Other Pages

The Grey Martyr
campaign information.
Rhyanna Morgan's Adventures
xoom site. fiction last updated 6 June 1668
Freiburg Gazette
news. last updated 9 Julius 1668
Library of San Teodoro
ships. weapons. avalon.bestiary
One of Seven
questions. ships. maps
Vestible of Theah
geocities site. news. homebrew. No Quarter.
Welcome to Theah
IRC information
The Jack Raven
campaign rules.







Magazines and Such

The Gaming Outpost
has weekly John Wick column

Kamwied's Seventh Sea Page

Azrael Online

Other Pages

Jeffrey Calhoun's Page
Dice Odds, very handy.

JCMarshall's Page
7th Sea RPG code. conversion to L5R. NPCs. Empire of the Crescent Moon
The GNS Foundation
House rules. campaign information. new skills
Rob D. Smith's Page
geocities site.
Here the Story Begins
geocities site
Michael Bien's Page
xoom page. campaign information. German.
James Johnson's Page
campaign information
David Fristrom's Page
campaign information
Tim's Seventh Sea Page
bestiary, weapons
Sam Riche
new ship format sheet. geocities site.
Andrew Frades
campaign information

Lost Pages

The Fenian Dream
Gareth's page. gone 31 corantine 1668
University Du L'Mornai
no information. just an image. 31 corantine 1668
Geoff Wedig's Page
empty 31 corantine 1668