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You have questions, we have answers. If you have further questions, please join the 7th Sea list servers. Just send an e-mail to and include "7thSea" in the body of the text for the general list serve and "GM7thSea" for the Game Master list serve.


Q: Crossbow is a 2k3 weapon. How can that be?
Remember, you can only Keep the dice you roll. So, under normal circumstances, a crossbow is a 2k2 weapon, because you’re only rolling 2 dice. However, if you take an Action to aim (Raise), you increase the number of dice you’re rolling to 3, which means you can Keep 3.

Q: There are a couple of missing Arcana on the Hero and Villain Arcana Charts. What’s wrong?
The Hero Arcana Chart (pg. 128) has one error, but it’s an easy fix. Replace "Martyr" with "Altruistic".
The Villain Flaw Rash (pg. 144), is also missing. Use the Hero "Rash" as a substitute.

Q: How does a Free Raise work?
A Free Raise adds 5 to your roll. In other words, you roll your dice and add 5 to the result. That’s a Free Raise.

Q: Using Sorte, can a Fate Witch manipulate the Arcana she perceives? Or is perceiving them the sole function of the Arcana Knack?
Perceiving an Arcana is all she can do. However, perceiving Arcana (especially when they’re Villain Flaws) is pretty useful.

Q: In the character creation section full blooded sorcerer costs 40pts, yet
in the sorcery section it costs 50 which is correct?
40 Points.

Q: Is Linguist too useful an advantage? two out of three of my characters
have it?
We made Linguist cheap because it’s just too damn frustrating to have a bunch of Heroes who can’t talk to each other and too damn unrealistic to say that language doesn’t matter.
If you want Linguist to be more expensive, hike up the cost.

Q: GMs can spend their Drama Dice on: activating a Hero's Hubris, improving rolls. What else?
Activating a Villain’s Wile.

Q: Every time a player spends a Drama Die, the GM receives one. Are there other ways for GM to get them (besides just arbitrarily giving themselves some)?
That’s not quite right.
Every time a Hero spends a Drama Die on a roll, the GM gets it.
And, no, the GM never arbitrarily gives himself Drama Dice. If he’s doing things right, he gets more than enough from the Heroes.

Q: Players receive more Drama Dice when they act Dramatic. Do these come from the GM's Pool or not?
No. They come from Drama Die Heaven, a place far, far from here.

Q: If Footwork can be used at any time, and Parry (for the appropriate weapon) *may* be used when holding that weapon, doesn't that make Parry knacks not very important?
You have to use Footwork when you’ve got nothing else. On the other hand, if you do have Parry, you can use that instead of Footwork. If you’re leaping from a table top to a chandelier, then you have to use Leaping. If you’re climbing up a rope, you have to use Climbing.

Q: For Castillian education on page 125 it cost 3 (1 for castillian)
on page 166 is cost 4(2 for castillian). Which is it?
4 cost (2 for Castillians).